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Soccer concussion​ TBI: College student gets HBOT for head injury

PCS Post Concussion Syndrome & traumatic brain injury, the brain can heal & it does with HBOT.


Dr. Jonas Salk in his laboratory, 1954. Credit Jonas Salk Papers, Special Collections and Archives, University of California, San Diego

Dr. Jonas Salk in his laboratory, 1954. Credit Jonas Salk Papers, Special Collections and Archives, University of California, San Diego - Sour

A mother’s testimonial. 
Finding hyperbaric chamber therapy with Dr Harch has changed their lives, & positive changes continue to unfold with the use of HBOT.
May 24, 2016

Dear Dr. Harch,
It’s been over a month since we last saw you and far too much time has passed without thanking you for all the you did for our son and our family.
You and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy were literally my son's last hope… and so far, since the HBOT treatments, he is making improvements.

He is at school now and his social anxiety is definitely decreasing.  He will be moving into an apartment with two roommates in June and actually decided to forego the online courses and will re-enter the classroom next September.  These two steps would have been impossible three months ago.   Even he admits that his headaches are diminishing and his mood has been positive.

I am sure you realize how deeply these head injuries impact a family.  It’s enough for me that with HBOT, our son is on the mend… but you have also lightened this burden that has consumed us for the last four years.    We’re hoping that as he gains confidence he will become more social, finish college, and find his place in the world.

I know you’ve had a hard road and are treated like a maverick by members of your profession.  Jonas Salk and Cyril Wecht come to mind.  I remember what a local Pittsburgh hero Jonas Salk became after his polio vaccine was accepted.  However, my father told me that he was ostracized for vaccinating his wife and children with his polio vaccine to prove that it was safe.  Likewise Cyril Wecht, the Allegheny County Coroner, was subjected to lawsuits and public humiliation because he dared question local police tactics and the D.A. In the end Salk and Wecht outlived and outperformed their critics and finally received the public’s respect that they so heartily deserved.

I believe you are the Jonas Salk of this generation and that head injury is a larger public health issue than polio.  I know that you will prevail and more importantly, go on to help others reclaim their lives from the tragedy of head injury.
Best regards,

Dear Juliette, 
Everything I wrote to Dr. Harch was sincere and felt deeply.  Two years back, when I found out about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for concussions and head injury, I could see my son deteriorating in front of my eyes and it was unbearable at times.  
We're looking forward to our trip back to New Orleans in May.  I think Dr. Harch will see a great improvement.  He still copes with anxiety, but is managing it. He is definitely moving beyond his comfort zone and even after setbacks, he comes back with more strength and determination and continues to improve.  None of this would have been possible without HBOT. 
I'd like to keep my son's identity somewhat private.  He is trying to move past this and I want to respect his need for privacy as he moves on with his life.  
Thanks to both of you.  I know you give up a lot to fight this fight with the good doctor!








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