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Sandra Hearn - Proud Mother of Cpl Jake Mathers - TBI/PTSD Treated with HBOT


Sandra Hearn - Proud Mother of Cpl Jake Mathers.
Blue Star Mother's Association




Dr. Harch,

Sandra Hearn of Blue Star Mothers of AmericaMy family and I along with the Blue Star Mothers of America Chapter #4 would like to thank you for taking care of our Wounded Warriors! Words cannot express the gratitude we have in our hearts for you. You and your family are real patriots. I really am not sure what we would have done without you! Our organizations are working hard at trying to provide some assistance to you. Just realize we're working in the background in your favor! Jake has had nothing but great things to say about your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy program and all of your people that have taken such wonderful care of our Hero. It brings tears to my eyes to know that someone cares for him as much as his momma does!

I will be sending a medical release form to you for medical records. We're getting yanked around a bit as Jake's told you, and these records are vital to getting help for our son and a disability rating from the military and VA.
THANK YOU again from the bottom of our hearts!

Sandra Hearn
Proud Mother of Cpl Jake Mathers
Vice-President and founder of Blue Star Mothers of America CH #4 Louisiana Chapter

Blue Star Mothers Association



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