Giving people back their lives!

Rebecca's Mom


To those considering HBOT I can't encourage you enough to give it a try. I am the mother of a near drowning child.  The neurologists encouraged me to either "let her go" or" put her in a home "as the stress of caring for a child in a vegative state would be insurmountable. Three weeks ago, that same neurological team kept saying "amazing", "keep it up".  They hadn't seen her since she started HBOT 3 sessions ago. Now they are asking for updates, frequent ones. You should have seen the smiles on their faces. The HBOT "family" is as good as it gets. They really care.  I've made friends that I can really count on when I need strength. I have had the privilege of developing a cyber internet friendship with Juliette Lucarini, RN at Harch Hyperbarics.  One of Gods earthly Angels.  What a wonderful, intelligent, caring woman she is.  Those who receive treatment at her facility are receiving the utmost of care by one of the most knowledgeable people in the HBOT field.  Although we have never met, I feel as though I've know Juliette for a long time.  She is always there to guide me and has helped me make the right decisions in aiding the "return" of my little girl.  Bless her.  Run, don't walk as every moment is precious and every moment with out treatment is time passing you and your loved one by.  God Bless.  Kathy