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US Soldier Seeks HBOT therapy for TBI and PTSD

Help a U.S. Veteran Get HBOT for Her TBI and PTSD


December 16, 2013

Telesia Sobol

Help a U.S. Veteran get treatmentI can't express how much this means to me!

I joined the Army right out of HS at 17. I always knew I'd be in the military. During my 1st duty station at Camp Casey, Korea I was the CO's driver. I had just pulled a 12-hour guard shift, which I should've been exempt from since I was a driver. I was about to get into my cot and was told that I was driving the Commander and another officer back to the rear. Since we were in the field, you train as you fight. I was driving through the M60 point in black-out drive and told the Commander that he would have to ground guide me because it was dark and snowing, I couldn't see anything. He refused and told me that I was doing fine. The next thing I remember is going off the side of an embankment into a rice patty. The vehicle bounce off of his side and all of the weight landed on my side. I had my Kevlar on, but the impact caused a concussion that knocked me out for nearly 20 minutes. I also had my gas mask on, which caused my left hip to dislocate. I was on crutches for about 2 weeks. I was young and healed quick, but everything started catching up to me.

I deployed to OIF in Feb 03 and being a female NCO, I "sucked it up". I depended very much on my migraine meds. When I PCS'd to Ft Lewis, after being there for a month I was told to get ready to deploy. I went to my neurologist to get my 6-month supply of migraine meds and she refused. She called my Chain of Command and explained my situation. She felt that I would compromise the mission, my soldiers, etc. Of course, I went from hero to zero. I was harassed and pushed into a med board. I was a SSG with 15 years in and life as I knew it was gone. I had survived a rollover accident and pushed through the migraines, back pain.... My health has been declining ever since. I actually medically retired and am 100% unemployable by the VA, but all that means to me is that I'm a failure and burden to my family. I've lost family and friends because I'm so misunderstood. I just want my life back... It doesn't have to be perfect. I just want to be able to depend on myself again. I'm tired of being in constant pain and anxiety. It's a vicious cycle!

I'd love to go back to school and finish my degree! The last time I tried, I had to drop out because I had a migraine so bad it lasted almost a month. I want to play with my son... To be the mom and wife that my son and husband so deserve. I want my husband to be able to go to work and not have to worry about me. I'm forgetful, clumsy...I fell down our stairs not too long ago. It's frustrating because I'm not me anymore...I'm the athlete, the soldier! I was the social butterfly, now I'm a homebody. I have trust issues.... I feel like a prisoner in my own body. I feel as though I'm rambling.... I just want to make sure I get everything in. There's also one more thing, but I don't really talk about it. Dr. Harch is aware of it, and I'm hoping that these treatments help with this also. I am also a survivor of MST. I was raped by two soldiers. They put something in my Pepsi and I woke up to the unthinkable. I suffer extreme PTSD from that incident. That's where my PTSD mostly stems from. Thankfully, I didn't experience any trauma during OIF, but there were many threats and gunfire. I'm praying to get relief for TBI and PTSD from these treatments. I feel as though this is my last hope.... I've tried everything else I've possibly could. Thank you for hearing my story and for reaching out! It's very hard for me to ask for help, but my quality of life depends on it! I cannot thank you enough!




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