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Multiple projects at the Harch Hyperbaric Research Foundation await funding


Multiple projects at the Harch Hyperbaric Research Foundation await funding.


They include:


1. Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation Project (BIRR). This is a project that began in 2001 as the Forward Edge of Battle Project, a project to bring HBOT to acutely injured American servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Due to logistical problems the project was renamed the BIRR and refocused to treat American servicemen and women with chronic residual effects of traumatic brain injury.  The project calls for a prospective randomized controlled study using HBOT as the experimental treatment. Soldiers will be treated with the protocol Dr. Harch developed in New Orleans since 1990.

2. Traumatic Brain Injury Animal Model, Phase II. Phase I of this experiment was completed and published in September, 2007 in Brain Research. This is the first ever demonstration of improvement of chronic brain injury in an animal model in the history of science. Dr. Harch achieved this milestone by applying the original human protocol he developed in the early 1990s to animals with chronic brain injury. He was able to demonstrate an improvement in lost cognition and a simultaneous improvement in blood vessel density to the injured hippocampus. The second phase of the experiment awaits funding.


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