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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome RSD

Vickie Harrison suffered a crush injury to her left foot that has left her with Reflex Symptomatic Dystrophy (RSD). Some symptoms of RSD include edema or swelling, burning pain, heightened sensitivity to touch causing excruciating pain. Here is a short video showing Dr. Paul Harch treating Vickie using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for her RSD recovery.


According to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center data, Chuck's was one of more than 250,000 cases of traumatic brain injury in the military between 2000 and 2012. An estimated 14 percent of American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars suffer from PTSD.

Marine Corps Lt. Col. (ret.) Alan Burghard, attributes his TBI Improvement to HBOT

Marine Corps Lt. Col. (ret.) Alan Burghard, Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient and a technical advisor for the CBS television program “NCIS: Los Angeles”, attributes his TBI improvement to HBOT.

Treatment aims to limit use of drugs: Hyperbaric oxygen offered to returning veterans with traumatic injuries

Posted: Monday, July 21, 2014 1:13 am | Updated: 1:15 am, Mon Jul 21, 2014.


"Marine Corps Lt. Col. (ret.) Alan Burghard, Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient and a technical advisor for the CBS television program “NCIS: Los Angeles”, attributes his TBI cure to HBOT.

In Iraq in 2004, the convoy in which Burghard was traveling was hit by insurgents who detonated an artillery shell. He wasn’t hit by shrapnel but “the shock wave kind of banged me up against the door” and he was knocked out.

It sheared a circular canal, part of the vestibular system of the brain, giving Burghard migraine headaches. “That still took a couple years to diagnose,” he said...

“I filled out a ream of paperwork to be a ‘human test subject,’” Burghard said. In early 2010, he spent six weeks in New Orleans receiving treatment at no cost to him. Therapy lasted an hour at a time, with two sessions per day, 40 hours total. Burghard stayed on his medicine during treatment and “ended it my last day.”

As the result of the HBOT, Burghard’s sleep and cognitive abilities improved and he gained back his 20 IQ points.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Has Helped Beat TBI/PTSD, Veteran’s Testimony

For those who suffer with the fog and depression of TBI/PTSD, you should know how tremendously important the effective gains from Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment are.. For the family members of those who suffer with this type of head injury, the smiles and happiness from my wife and kids are testimony enough to know how much this treatment has given me back my life. God Bless!!

Testimonial Treating a Brain Injured Soldier (Tina Hecker)

Testimonial Treating a Brain Injured Soldier (Tim Hecker)

We decided to take a chance, and trust in Dr. Harch and HBOT, and in return--Tim has been given his life back.  There is no greater gift.

Tim was in Iraq and was exposed to multiple IED explosions from Jan 08 through May 08.  During January, one of the explosions threw him into the driver's lap of the vehicle he was riding in.  There was a second significant explosion at the end of March.  The vehicle in front of him was hit with a catastrophic explosion, eventually killing all in the vehicle.  Tim was close enough to this explosion that he felt the concussion waves, saw stars, became disoriented, and lost a large portion of time following the explosion.

Dr Harch, First to Treat Autism in 1996 w HBOT in Clinical Setting

Paul Harch, MD was one of the first physician in North America to treat a cerebral palsy child with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and could very well have been the first to also treat an autistic child. This news story from New Orleans ABC Channel 26 documents Dr Harch’s patient who was treated in 1996. The pediatric patient medically improves from no eye contact and no walking--to walking and engaging and appropriate communication skills.

Todd Hayen Tells Us How HBOT and Dr. Harch Helped Him

Paul G Harch M.D. interview on 411 about the success with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  Todd Hayen expresses his gratitude to Dr. Harch for the treatment his wife received during her fight with brain tumors.

HBOT NFL TBI Recovery Testimonial Visger SF 49ers

HBOT TBI Recovery Testimonial of Former NFL Player
George Visger

November 26, 2012


George VisgerThough I was not treated personally at Dr. Harch's clinic, I owe him a debt of gratitude for his many years of dedicated work in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI) with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  I developed hydrocephalus [a buildup of fluid inside the skull that leads to brain swelling] and gran mal seizures which lead to an emergency Ventriculoperitoneal (VP) Shunting brain surgery while playing Defensive Tackle DT for the SF 49ers during the 1981 Super Bowl season.  Four months after our Super Bowl XVI victory my shunt failed and I survived 2 emergency brain surgeries 10 hours apart and was given last rites.  Four years later in 1986, I returned to school to complete my Biology degree.  During a 10-month period in 87, I survived 4 additional brain surgeries and several gran mal seizures while enrolled in Chemistry and Physics courses.  Due to the surgeries and seizures I developed severe short-term memory deficits and dyslexia, which added additional challenges to completing my degree.