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Doc, I Want My Brain Back: My HBOT Miracle

Doc, I Want My Brain Back: My HBOT Miracle

Medical Advances in Brain Injury Repair Were Discovered Twenty-Two Years Ago

Doc, I Want My Brain Back: My HBOT Miracle(2013) Portales, New Mexico

Greathouse Books--This autobiographical account by Dan L. Greathouse chronicles his successful treatment twenty-two years ago and the medical case that launched one of the greatest advances in modern medicine. Unlike other brain rehabilitation accounts, Doc, I Want My Brain Back (Greathouse Books, $7.99 paperback and $3.99 e-book) tells the story of how hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has the power to repair the injured brain. HBOT is able to restore a life from seemingly hopeless circumstances, and this story provides qualitative proof of the scientific concept of improving the condition of the individual who suffers from brain injury by actually repairing the brain.

Following a scuba diving accident at Lake Powell, Arizona, Dan suffered from brain decompression sickness. Well over thirty medical professionals misdiagnosed him, yet his brain injury caused significant balance problems, slurred speech, and inability to play musical instruments. Memory problems and confusing, oftentimes contradictory, medical explanations from expert medical professionals resulted in the lack of effective medical interventions. Dan spiraled into a severe state of clinical depression and checked himself into a mental hospital, where the mental health professionals eventually had him hauled away in handcuffs to the local jail. He waited there prior to commitment to the state mental hospital as a patient who was suffering from a severe mental disorder making him dangerous to self and others. His parents intervened by having him transferred to another mental hospital, where he was unfortunately further misdiagnosed and inappropriately and ineffectively drugged with psychotropic medications. Meanwhile, Dan’s father, Jack Greathouse, researched delayed treatments for decompression illness. He found supporting evidence for a therapy, HBOT, that Dr. Harch had successfully applied to another diver. The day that Betty Greathouse, Dan’s mother, checked him out of the New Mexico mental hospital, he was plotting his suicide; however, Jack and Betty had already arranged for Dr. Harch to treat Dan. The treatments were quite successful, and some of the quantitative data, including Dan’s SPECT brain images, are included in The Oxygen Revolution by Dr. Paul G. Harch and Virginia McCullough.

Twenty-two years later, Dan lives a wonderful life, free from suicidal ideation, and free from psychotropic medications. He returned to teaching, and then he completed a master’s degree in educational diagnosis, as well as a certificate from The George Washington University in the study of acquired brain injury. He has successfully retired from his first career with the public schools in New Mexico and currently works in Texas as an educational diagnostician. He continues to write and perform music. He has presented at numerous educational conferences in both the United States and Europe. He has co-authored numerous educational research articles with Dr. Michael Shaughnessy of Eastern New Mexico University.

With Dan’s case, Dr. Paul G. Harch discovered the tip of the iceberg for neurorehabilitation and success with brain injury repair, and HBOT took its place in the history of medicine. Dan is so grateful for having his life completely restored through the medical genius of Dr. Harch’s discovery that he wishes to donate 22% of all his book and e-book proceeds to the Greater New Orleans Foundation. He is specifically designating the funds to the Harch Hyperbaric Research Fund in order to provide the life-changing HBOT for so many of our brave service personnel and veterans who suffer from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, twenty-two veterans are committing suicide each day, and Dan would like to do something to help stop these tragic deaths. Rusty Ouart, a Purple Heart veteran, also successfully treated by Dr. Harch, has written an endorsement for Dan’s book. HBOT has the power to repair the injured brain and completely restore a life from seemingly hopeless circumstances. Every purchase of this book or e-book will contribute to saving lives.

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