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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the body’s natural healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber.

If you are interested in hyperbaric chamber treatment & becoming a HBOT patient of Dr Harch, here is the procedure:

Call Juliette the nurse to make an appointment, she is available to answer basic questions about HBOT.
For patients who would like to speak with Dr Harch directly, Juliette can make an appointment for a "telephone interview”. There is a fee for his time.
Usually you do not need a referral nor a prescription to see Dr Harch for HBOT, situations vary, ask Juliette about this.
Medical consultations, evaluations & HBOT treatments are done in the New Orleans area. HBOT treatment series will begin immediately after the intake assessment.
Patients seeking HBOT for brain injury & neurological conditions need to be prepared to stay in the New Orleans area for two months, 40 HBOT treatments. 
Optional: Many patients & families want SPECT brain imaging before their HBOT treatment series. SPECTs are done at West Jefferson Medical Center Hospital, Dr Harch will write the order at the intake assessment. SPECT scans are usually insurance reimbursable at West Jeff.
HBOT number of treatments, dose & protocol will vary according to these diagnosis: HBOT for wound care,  HBOT for acute brown recluse spider bite, HBOT for necrotizing fasciitis, HBOT for CRAO Central Retinal Artery Occlusion, HBOT for acute near-drowning pediatrics, HBOT for ASD Autism, HBOT for CP, HBOT for brith injury, HBOT for neonatal brain injury, HBOT for acute anoxic brain injury, HBOT for acute hearing loss, HBOT for osteomyelitis, HBOT for acute RSD - reflex sympathetic dystrophy, HBOT for chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, HBOT for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, HBOT for radiation necrosis damage, HBOT for dental procedures- Mandibular Radiation Necrosis (ORN), HBOT for acute concussion, HBOT for acute drug detox, HBOT for acute drug overdose, HBOT for acute alcohol detox, HBOT after acute exposure to toxic fumes, HBOT for acute carbon monoxide poisoning, HBOT for chronic carbon monoxide poisoning, & more. The plan of care will be individualized based on diagnosis, medical history & assessment of the patient’s current state of health. The protocol & number of treatments will be created based on a number of variables. HBOT treatment protocols are titrated by Dr Harch according to the patients responsiveness all along the continuum. There is always at least one MD (Medical Doctor) present at all times while patients are in the HBOT chambers. Dr Harch will be your primary care HBOT physician directing your individualized HBOT plan of care & protocol.
HBOT for surgical procedures: HBOT pre-op & post-op, the dose & number of treatments will vary from the standard 40 treatments, depending on the type of surgical procedure. For instance the dose of HBOT for pre & post-op cardiac procedures would be different than HBOT for a knee replacement.
HBOT for cosmetic surgery patients. Healthy patients undergoing optional cosmetic procedures, Dr Harch offers a reduced rate. 
Package deal: $1,000 for intake assessment, end re-evaluation &  4 HBOT treatments for “healthy” cosmetic surgery & breast reconstruction patient only.
Breast cancer patients: HBOT for breast reconstruction surgery - the same reduced rate & package deal may apply.
"Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is simply a viable treatment for wounds in the body in any location and of any duration.” P. G. Harch, MD
Living Accommodations: 
Our patients have put together a long list of places to stay. Available upon request.
Pediatric patients & families usually stay at the Ronald McDonald House for a suggested donation of $10 a night. Referral from us is necessary.
Transportation to New Orleans:
Veterans, & patients who are financially disadvantaged - there may be pro-bono American Airline tickets available to you & one traveling companion. Information available upon request. For Veterans - gasoline gift cards may also be available. We honor Veterans & their service. 
When it comes to your health & recovery, distance should not matter. People travel from far & wide seeking HBOT with Dr Harch. He has treated patients from over 45 different countries.

For inquiries on consultations & HBOT treatment with Dr Harch contact:

Juliette Lucarini RN 
Harch HBOT at Family Physicians’ Center
5216 Lapalco Blvd
Marrero, LA 70072

1 (504) 309-4948

1 (504) 309-4948




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