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Traumatic Brain Injuries

A proud mother, Cynthia's sons story after 40 HBOT treatments


A proud mother, Cynthia


My son was shaken 21 years ago. He sustained severe head trauma, lost the sight in his dominant eye, he has balance difficulties, and an IQ of 50. We have tried numerous therapies, including music therapy at a university and private lessons, intensive speech therapy, exercise Therapy, two extra tutoring schools, a private tutor for 10 years, and neuro feedback. I’m sure some of these helped because he now is an excellent driver, holds a part-time job as a service clerk in a grocery store, is taking web computer classes at the local community college.

His father helps him with the computer classes and was a major driving force that helped our son become an Eagle Scout. My husband and I are 59 & 60 and are very nervous about the future of our son when we are gone. He is not capable of living on his own.

We recently learned about Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. We were fortunate enough to have the specialist in the field , Dr Paul Harch, treat our son.

So far he has had 40 treatments and we are home in Michigan getting ready to return to New Orleans (where Dr Harch practices). We have seen The Spect scans of our son’s brain-before & after the treatments. There is obviously more blood flow in the brain!! We have also observed changes in his conversational ability and he is more sure of himself. He is "waking up". He is more humorous, assertive, reading more smoothly, is more helpful. We saw “miracles” when we were at the hyperbaric clinic. This treatment would change the lives of the countless innocent babies that have been shaken. The sooner the baby is treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, the more dramatic the results. These babies could grow up without being blind and mentally challenged.

I am begging you to investigate this therapy for all children that have sustained TBI.

I will check in after the next treatments. Our son’s brain injury is so old, we know he will not regain his full capacity-but he will be able to finish School, hold down a good paying job and raise a family of his own. That is what all parents want for their children: a chance.

A proud mother,


HBOT Harch Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facilities New Orleans LA


HBOT - Harch Hyperbarics Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana


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Request for Appointment to Discuss HR4568, the "TBI Treatment Act,"

International Hyperbaric Medical Association

International Hyperbaric Medical Association

8210 Cinder Bed Road Ste C - 3, Lorton, Virginia 22079 - 1135

(540) 720 - 3844 Phone (540) 720 - 7454 Fax



Senator Washington, DC 20510

Request for Appointment to Discuss HR4568, the "TBI Treatment Act," Added to the House Armed Services Bill and Effective Treatment to Biologically Repair Brain Injury, PTSD, and Depression

Dear Senator: June 9, 2010

Last week the House added HR4568, the TBI Treatment Act, to HR 5136, the House Armed Services bill. We urge the Senate to add this same provision to the Senate Armed Services bill or recede to the House provision. With its inclusion, war veterans can begin receiving treatment that works for TBI or PTSD.

The TBI Treatment Act is endorsed by the House Brain Injury Caucus. It makes it possible for members of the Armed Forces and veterans to seek treatment from civilian physicians who are successful at treating traumatic brain injury or post - traumatic stress disorder. There are civilian physicians have had war veterans make remarkable recoveries under their care. Unfortunately bureaucratic agendas have prevented access. The TBI Treatment Act creates a mechanism so that these veterans can get the latest treatment, and return to productive lives and careers. These treatments have already saved many millions of tax dollars for war - injured veterans, and many have already paid for themselves.

For example, the International Brain Research Foundation has been able to successfully awaken 84% of coma victims from their comas , thus greatly reducing the costs of a severe TBI patient. However, DoD medicine has not been willing to reimburse for this treatment. Awakening a patient from a coma saves $2,000 per day in medical costs . This bill would reimburse for every successfully awakened war veteran.

On March 12th, at the 8th World International Brain Injury conference, Dr. Paul Harch of Louisiana State University's School of Medicine, presented the results of his study of treatment of blast injured veterans using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to biologically repair brain injuries.These veterans experienced a statistically significant 15 point IQ increase (the equivalent difference between a high school dropout and a college graduate), a 40% reduction in post concussion syndrome symptoms, a 30% reduction in post - traumatic brain injury symptoms, and a 51% reduction in concussive depression.

Promising Treatment for Soldiers With Traumatic Brain Injuries and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder TBI/PTSD


HDNet World Report Investigates a New and Promising Treatment for Soldiers With Traumatic Brain Injuries and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder TBI/PTSD



An excerpt from the HDNet World Report website 4/13/2010

On tonight's "HDNet World Report" correspondent Carol McKinley travels to Louisiana to investigate what may be a big breakthrough in treating the estimated 320,000 veterans returning from war with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – that treatment is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT.

During the HBOT treatment, patients are exposed to pure oxygen, one hour at a time, in an airtight chamber.

The man behind this new therapy is Dr. Paul Harch, who has been treating soldiers at his clinic outside of New Orleans with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

"What is theorized is that there are damaged brain cells that aren't yet dead, they are disabled," Harch tells McKinley. "It's like a car that's broken and can only go in first gear, somehow it [the oxygen] is restoring energy metabolism capability to cells."


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