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HBOT treatment in mTBI

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery - Astounding Results Made After HBOT

Curt Allen, Jr. was a 17 year old man who was involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident in June, 2004, in which he sustained severe traumatic brain injury. Curt was in a coma at the scene of theVideo shows positive improvement from HBOT and TBI accident. He was admitted to an acute care hospital, underwent brain surgery to relieve pressure and placed in the ICU in critical condition. After one month he was transferred to a highly regarded post-acute brain injury rehabilitation center in Southeast Louisiana where he remained for 3 months. During these three months he made such minimal progress that he was discharged as a failure of standard intensive traumatic brain injury therapy. The day before discharge from this center his mother attended a local church where she asked the priest to request that the congregation pray for her son’s recovery. After the priest fulfilled this request during Mass Mrs. Allen was approached by a physician patient of mine to whom I had delivered low-pressure HBOT years before for his stroke and subsequent traumatic brain injury. My patient referred Mrs. Allen to me and the following week Curt was evaluated at my clinic.

The video you will view records the astounding recovery that Curt made as he underwent a course of HBOT. The segments of the video were edited from the running VHS tape I recorded of Curt’s progress beginning 4 months after his severe traumatic brain injury through 89 HBOT’s. Since the voices on the tape are hard to discern in places and Curt is speaking in hushed tones the following narrative accompanies each segment on the tape...


Dr. Harch, A Hero in The Making For Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

New research on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment (HBOT) for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was presented at the 8th World Congress on Brain Injury in Washington DC.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for TBI/PTSD Gives a Soldier His Life Back

Jake went down to Dr. Paul Harch’s office in Morrero LA, for Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) in December '08.  Jake was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps due to a head injury.  He received HBOT treatment, and was in, what we believe, the best care possible.  We are still thankful for all of those that helped our son. 

To date, Jake is now enrolled at a local vocational school in welding.  Jake also managed to CLEP out of English, Reading and Math.  Prior to HBOT treatment this would not have been possible for my son.  He was unable to retain anything in his short-term memory.  He was unemployable as well.  Even working at a fast-food restaurant would have been impossible, because he’d have to remember orders, etc.  My son was incapable of working prior to treatment.  Though my son is not totally perfect, the improvements that we see in him from day to day leaves no doubt in our minds that Dr. Harch's Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has given our son his life back.  He is able to function, able to go to school, and able to take care of his needs. 

HBOT treatment should be mandatory for all of our Soldiers and Marines returning from war whom have been subject to PTSD and/or TBI injuries.  This treatment presented results that words just cannot express.  The treatment has impacted our entire family because of the wonderful results we have witnessed.  My son is now able to sleep through most nights.  His nightmares have decreased, and his migraine headaches have also decreased.

Harch HBOT for Infant Problems with the Brain or Brain Trauma: Shaken Baby Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy CP, Infant Brain Injury

HBOT for an Infant/Child Brain Injury

According to Dr. Harch, "HBOT for infants is no different than HBOT for adults except that infants can be exquisitely sensitive to oxygen and thus, require careful dosing." In the early 1990s Dr. Harch began an investigation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in pediatric brain injury.  Beginning with the first cerebral palsy (CP) child he applied HBOT and SPECT brain blood flow imaging (discussed below) to any child with a neurological diagnosis primarily involving the brain. What he found was that HBOT acted like a generic drug on a multitude of different brain disorders in children, including genetic disorders.

HBOT in the Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury:







The application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to chronic traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be traced to clinical practice and research in South Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. It is well known that the practice of HBOT in chronic neurological conditions was pioneered by the late Dr. Richard Neubauer in the 1970s. Beginning with a serendipitous finding of gratuitous neurological improvement in two multiple sclerosis patients undergoing HBOT for chronic bone infections, Dr. Neubauer began applying HBOT to patients with other neurological conditions, primarily stroke. In 1994, he published his first case of HBOT treatment of chronic TBI in the Southern Medical Journal.


Chad Rovira Acute TBI treated with HBOT

A proud mother, Cynthia's sons story after 40 HBOT treatments


A proud mother, Cynthia


My son was shaken 21 years ago. He sustained severe head trauma, lost the sight in his dominant eye, he has balance difficulties, and an IQ of 50. We have tried numerous therapies, including music therapy at a university and private lessons, intensive speech therapy, exercise Therapy, two extra tutoring schools, a private tutor for 10 years, and neuro feedback. I’m sure some of these helped because he now is an excellent driver, holds a part-time job as a service clerk in a grocery store, is taking web computer classes at the local community college.

His father helps him with the computer classes and was a major driving force that helped our son become an Eagle Scout. My husband and I are 59 & 60 and are very nervous about the future of our son when we are gone. He is not capable of living on his own.

We recently learned about Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. We were fortunate enough to have the specialist in the field , Dr Paul Harch, treat our son.

So far he has had 40 treatments and we are home in Michigan getting ready to return to New Orleans (where Dr Harch practices). We have seen The Spect scans of our son’s brain-before & after the treatments. There is obviously more blood flow in the brain!! We have also observed changes in his conversational ability and he is more sure of himself. He is "waking up". He is more humorous, assertive, reading more smoothly, is more helpful. We saw “miracles” when we were at the hyperbaric clinic. This treatment would change the lives of the countless innocent babies that have been shaken. The sooner the baby is treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, the more dramatic the results. These babies could grow up without being blind and mentally challenged.

I am begging you to investigate this therapy for all children that have sustained TBI.

I will check in after the next treatments. Our son’s brain injury is so old, we know he will not regain his full capacity-but he will be able to finish School, hold down a good paying job and raise a family of his own. That is what all parents want for their children: a chance.

A proud mother,


Casey's story on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

Tomorrow night (Mon. 8/3/09) on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric there will be a special piece on a veteran that has been followed by 60 Minutes and CBS since his injury 5 years ago in Iraq.  He is a double amputee with a brain injury who recently underwent HBOT in New Orleans at our clinic for his TBI.  Because of the severity of his injury he was not treated under the current LSU pilot trial that I am conducting.  Instead, he became one of my private patients, received the exact same protocol as the study patients, and benefited accordingly.  He was so moved by his experience that he called CBS to report the latest chapter in his recovery.  I have not seen the final edited segment, but believe that it highlights his plight in the military medical system.  I hope it is positive.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Care For Our Wounded Soldiers - Dr Orrison's Response 12/08



Sirs and Ma'ams-

Many of you had the good fortune of seeing Dr. Orrison's neuro-radiology
presentation on  December 5th at the "HBOT in TBI" Consensus Conference.
Others have seen Dr. Harch's SPECT brain images of patients he has treated
over the past 18 years.  The quote below will be of interest.

At Dr. Orrison's presentation, he showed 3 patients' whole brain CT scans,
from his practice, who had been treated with HBOT 1.5 by three different
physicians.  All patients had major recovery of brain function.