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SPECT Imaging

HMPAO SPECT Brain Imaging of Acute CO Poisoning and Delayed Neuropsychological Sequelae (DNSS)

PG Harch, KW Van Meter, SF Gottlieb, P Staab. JoEllen Smith Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, New Orleans, LA 70131

Background: Brain CT and MRI are poor barometers of acute CI poisoning and the DNSS syndrome, registering abnormalities in a minority of patients. HMPAO SPECT, a flow metabolism modality, seems more appropriate. We report 12 cases of acute poisoning and DNSS imaged with HMPAO SPECT/

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment of Neurological Residual of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Paul G. Harch, Keith Van Meter, Paul K Staab, Sheldon F. Gottlieb, Jo Ellen Smith Medical Center, New Orleans, LA.

There is no accepted treatment for neurological residual of carbon monoxide poisoning; this report documents the effect of HBOT for established neurological residual.