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We Welcome Our Patients to Harch Hyperbarics and the Family Physicians' Center

Harch Hyperbarics and
The Family Physicians' Center


Approximately 90% of our patients fly in from out of town.

We do what we can to assist in making arrangements for their comfort while they are here in New Orleans. 
The need has arisen to create a SERVICE where certified Nurses’ Aides would be available to assist in the care of out of town patients.
Our Nurses’ Aides are available to help take care of your loved one in a hospital setting, Long Term Care (LTC) Facility, Rehab, or Ronald McDonald House.
 Our Nurses’ Aides work closely with an RN who mentors them and is available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, just ask Juliette at the private office.

(504) 309-4948
Veterans Call Toll Free 1-(855)-438-4268




NOT ALL Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Facilities are the Same! PATIENTS SEEKING Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) BEWARE!




With increasing regularity hyperbaric facilities, their staff, and physicians have been marketing and announcing their services with statements to patients claiming training by Dr. Harch, consulting services with Dr. Harch, use of "Harch Protocols" only, business and collaborative relationships with Dr. Harch, etc. All of these claims are FRAUDULENT. All contractual relationships with Dr. Harch will be listed here on HBOT.COM website only and/or links provided to the contractors from our website.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Rehab for Brain Injury is Included as the VFW Reiterates High Priority Issues

One specific area of scientific endeavor that we strongly believe merits further exploration is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. The VA is on the periphery of this issue, yet the Congress and veteran service organizations have continually pressed for a thorough evaluation of this treatment. The research suggests this technology could lead to breakthroughs in treating Traumatic Brain Injuries and other serious conditions, so we urge you to support it, and to impress upon VA the need to conduct whatever research is necessary to evaluate the potential of new or existing technology as a treatment tool.”
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for traumatic brain injury treatment as a protocol has recently been add the House Armed Services Bill and is known as HR 396: The Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Act. Please show your support of HR 396 by urging your White House Representative to vote YES on this issue.

Improvement Seen in Traumatic Brain Injury Treated with Low Pressure HBOT

The brain injury program is a direct outgrowth of the extensive experience of Dr. Harch treating chronically brain injured patients, the independent 22 year clinical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy experience of Dr. Harch's practice group (Van Meter and Associates) at the Jo Ellen Smith Medical Center Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, the published reports of Drs. Richard A Neubauer and S.F. Gottlieb, and the 27 year clinical experience with brain injury of Dr. R.A Neubauer in Florida. In the late 1980's while at the Jo Ellen Smith Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Dr. Harch observed patients with cerebral decompression sickness and/or air embolism who responded to hyperbaric oxygen therapy long after treatment of inert gas bubbles had passed or with delayed treatment months to years after standard U.S. Navy treatments had achieved partial success. In addition, Dr. Harch observed patients with brain contusion or stroke who, months to years after their neurological injury, concomitantly experienced gratuitous neurological improvement during the course of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment for one of the standard accepted indications.


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