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The New Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The New Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT has been traditionally used in the United States for a narrow list of 13 typically reimbursed indications. However, in Russia, China, the Far East, the U.K., and Europe HBOT has been applied to a variety of neurological and non-neurological diagnoses since the 1970s. In the United States Dr. Harch has been applying HBOT to the typically reimbursed indications since 1986 and a wide range of neurological and other off-label conditions since 1989. In addition, he has performed research on HBOT in 50 or more neurological conditions.



Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery - Astounding Results Made After HBOT

Curt Allen, Jr. was a 17 year old man who was involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident in June, 2004, in which he sustained severe traumatic brain injury. Curt was in a coma at the scene of theVideo shows positive improvement from HBOT and TBI accident. He was admitted to an acute care hospital, underwent brain surgery to relieve pressure and placed in the ICU in critical condition. After one month he was transferred to a highly regarded post-acute brain injury rehabilitation center in Southeast Louisiana where he remained for 3 months. During these three months he made such minimal progress that he was discharged as a failure of standard intensive traumatic brain injury therapy. The day before discharge from this center his mother attended a local church where she asked the priest to request that the congregation pray for her son’s recovery. After the priest fulfilled this request during Mass Mrs. Allen was approached by a physician patient of mine to whom I had delivered low-pressure HBOT years before for his stroke and subsequent traumatic brain injury. My patient referred Mrs. Allen to me and the following week Curt was evaluated at my clinic.

The video you will view records the astounding recovery that Curt made as he underwent a course of HBOT. The segments of the video were edited from the running VHS tape I recorded of Curt’s progress beginning 4 months after his severe traumatic brain injury through 89 HBOT’s. Since the voices on the tape are hard to discern in places and Curt is speaking in hushed tones the following narrative accompanies each segment on the tape...