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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for TBI/PTSD Gives a Soldier His Life Back

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Gives a Soldier His Life Back



Jacob L. Mathers
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Testimonial

First lady announces new program to help traumatic brain injuries

Posted on January 11, 2012 at 11:46 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 12 at 12:02 AM

Meg Farris / Eyewitness News

            My son was injured on April 17, 2006 during his 2nd tour to Iraq in Ramadi.  A car bomb made its way into their compound, and blew up.  After completing his 2nd tour, we began to notice changes.  Jake then went on a third tour with the 22nd MEU.  Upon his return in January 2008, he was complaining of everything from nightmares, panic attacks, migraine headaches, memory problems, eye control, forgetfulness, and more.  We began seeing more and more of these symptoms appear.  I had to assist my son in 2008 from 2500 miles away, get to and from doctor visits. I had to remind him of the time, remind him what time he needed to leave, sometimes assist him while driving to get to the proper place.  He had an appointment in Raleigh, NC and had to drive from Camp Lejeune.  The drive to the doctor took him a little over 2 hours.  Coming home, it took him 9 hours.  He kept forgetting where he needed to go.  He got turned around, and finally I had to stay on the telephone with him while looking at a road map to guide him back to the base.  

            When talking to Jake on the telephone, sometimes he’d forget who he was talking to.  He’d start rambling off odd conversational pieces, and you could tell he was struggling with who he was speaking with.  I’d call to remind him of something, and five minutes later, he could not remember that I had even called.  Once he told me that he went to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes.  He came back to the barracks, placed the cigarettes down, and went right back to the store to buy cigarettes again.  He went to the same checkout line, and the cashier mentioned that he was just there.  That was the only way he knew he had been there before.  

            Jake also put his uniform down, and thought he had placed it on a chair in his barracks. His roommate placed his uniform down on the chair. Jake’s were on the bed.  Jake could not remember, and ended up wearing his roommates uniform – he got reprimanded for this.  

            Jake went down to Dr. Paul Harch’s office in Morrero LA, for hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments on or about December 1, 2008.  Jake was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps on November 11, 2008.  He received HBOT treatment, and was in the best care possible.  We are still thankful for all of those that helped our son.  

            To date, Jake is now enrolled at a local vocational school in welding. He’s to begin classes on June 1.  Jake also managed to CLEP out of English, Reading and Math.  Prior to treatment this would not have been possible for my son.  He was unable to retain anything in his short-term memory.  He was unemployable as well.  Even working at a fast-food restaurant would have been impossible, because he’d have to remember orders, etc.  My son was incapable of working prior to treatment.  Though my son is not totally perfect, the improvements that we see in him from day to day leaves no doubt in our minds that the hyperbaric oxygen therapy gave our son his life back.  He is able to function, able to go to school, and able to take care of his needs.  

            HBOT treatment should be mandatory for all of our Soldiers and Marines returning from war whom have been subject to PTSD and/or TBI injuries.  This treatment presented results that words just cannot express.  The treatment has impacted our entire family because of the wonderful results we have witnessed.  My son is now able to sleep through most nights.  His nightmares have decreased, and his migraine headaches have also decreased.

Jacob L Mathers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Testimony

Dr. Harch,

My family and I along with the Blue Star Mothers of America Chapter #4 would like to thank you for taking care of our Wounded Warriors!  Words cannot express the gratitude we have in our hearts for you.  You and your family are real patriots.  I really am not sure what we would have done without you!  Our organizations are working hard at trying to provide some assistance to you.  Just realize we're working in the background in your favor!  Jake has had nothing but great things to say about your program and all of your people that have taken such wonderful care of our Hero.  It brings tears to my eyes to know that someone cares for him as much as his momma does!

THANK YOU again from the bottom of our hearts!



Sandra Hearn

Proud Mother of Cpl. Jake Mathers

Vice-President and founder of Blue Star Mothers of America CH #4



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