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The Hyperbaric Chamber: Science, Not Miracle by Nina Subbotina


The Hyperbaric Chamber: Science, Not Miracle


By Nina Subbotina. MD, Ph.D

Nina Subbotina M.D., Ph.D is a specialist in hyperbaric medicine. She is the author of the first scientific book about this specialty written in Spanish: Medicina Hiperbárica.  Here is a first look at her latest book The Hyperbaric Chamber: O2 Science Not Miracle.


The Hyperbaric Chamber: O₂ Science, Not Miracle by Nina Subbotina M.D. Author: Nina Subbotina MD, Ph.D. Specialist in hyperbaric medicine and director of Buenos Aires Center of Hyperbaric Medicine since 1998.

·    A comprehensible exposition for health care professionals readily accessible to the general reader.

·   Describes treatments officially recognized in United States for 13 pathologies.

·   Describes treatments endorsed by evidence-based medicine and the current state of knowledge for many other pathologies.


The Hyprbaric Chamber: Science, Not Miracle, is a comprehensible exposition readily accessible to the general reader, of the principal applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, its technique, and its results.

• Oxygen and the Hyperbaric Chamber
• Chronic Wounds or Nonhealing Ulcers
• Diabetic Foot Ulcer
• Gas Gangrene and Others Infections
• Severe Trauma
• República de Cromagnon’s Tragedy:
  Smoke and Toxic Gases
• Radiation Necrosis
• Aseptic Bone Necrosis
• Sudden Deafness and Acoustic Trauma
• Neurological Disorders
• Children with Autism
• Cerebral Palsy
• Contraindications, Side Effects and Complications
• Anti-Aging