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Post Concussion Syndrome from Youth Lacrosse Treated with HBOT

Read the full story about Nate Geller covered by
WWLTV “Concussion from contact sport has young boy suffering 18 months later


Subject: RE: Concussion May 17th Dr Harch at BIALA

From: "Eileen Geller"
Date: May 18, 2012 11:10:27 AM CDT


Hi! I'm Eileen Geller from Seattle. I'd love to chat with you any time about Nate's experience with a concussion.  He was 10 when it occurred, is 12 now, and much, much, much (90%) better after hyperbaric treatment.

It was an awful experience wading through a multitude of doctors and neurologists and treatment providers--some good, some not-so-good – for a year and a half before we found Dr. Harch.

We feel extraordinarily blessed to have found hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Dr. Harch, Juliette, and the rest of his wonderful staff. Though we have hyperbaric treatment options near Seattle, I wouldn't have brought Nate for treatment anywhere other than New Orleans--Dr Harch has more experience in this field than most of the others combined.  He truly is world-renowned.

I'm an RN--I did voluminous research before bringing Nate and weathered the disapproval of many of his physicians.  Thank God I did.  It was, and will be until I am 99, the best decision I ever made.  Nate thinks so too; his quote is "Mom, Dr. Harch really did give me back my life."

I wrote a blog about Nate's treatment, and though I haven't updated it in a bit, (general chaos with four kids, ill parents, work, ect...) here is the link.  Please, feel free to contact me through Waiting Room Wisdom.  Nate and I are most available to help out.  So far we've been able to help about 15 friends and relatives with concussions get access to hyperbaric treatment--and it has helped every one of them. 

Hang in there,

Eileen Geller

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