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The Oxygen Revolution Third Edition Links

The Oxygen Revolution 3rd Edition Link Reference


  1. Page xxi, Author’s Preface:  HBOT2014 lecture, Oxygen, Pressure, and Gene Therapy.
  2. Page xxiii, Author’s Preface:  Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, hyperbaric oxygen and anti-aging:  article (, video clip (
  3. Page 5:  gene therapy article in Medical Gas Research by Paul G. Harch, M.D.
  4. Page 10:  Transcript of CNN Larry King interview of Nick Nolte, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr. Eric Braverman:
  5. Page 34:  Ray Parrish, commercial diver story:
  6. Page 50:  SCUBA diver Dan Greathouse’s book, “Doc, I want my brain back:”
  7. Page 58:  U.S. war veterans  study with HBOT and SPECT:  pdf of Journal of Neurotrauma article.
  8. Page 60:  Government Testimonies by Dr. Harch with SPECT cases:
                         Slide Presentation Handout with SPECT Scans Download the PDF Here
  9. Page 62:  Chad Rovira YouTube video:
  10. Page 62:  Curt Allen YouTube video:
  11. Page 62:  Vickie Harrison YouTube video:
  12. Page 62:  Khloe Carlucci YouTube video:  video temporarily removed at the request of patient’s attorneys due to ongoing litigation in patient’s home state.
  13. Page 71:  videos of brain-injured U.S. veterans treated in Dr. Harch’s studies:  Tim Hecker:  The War Within Part II, American Legion Magazine (,,
  14. Page 72:  Margaux Vair, U.S. War Veteran: (
  15. Page 72:  Preliminary pilot trial results and SPECT brain scans:
  16. Page 72:  Marine Corporal Jake Mathers:
  17. Page 72:  West Point graduate Major Ben Richards:
  18. Page 72:  Marine IED hunter and canine handler Charles Rotenberry:
  19. Page 72:  CNN interview of Army veterans Chad Battles:
  20. Page 73:  News story about Michelle Obama’s Joining Forces Initiative and Dr. Harch’s participation.:
  21. Page 73:  Patriot Clinics ( and Matt Smotherman (
  22. Page 74:  General Patt Maney testimonial:
  23. Page 76:  Story of Nate Geller, youth lacrosse soccer player with a TBI:
  24. Page 76:  Story of Tyler Hane :
  25. Page 77:  Story of ex-NFL player George Visger and HBOT:  George’s website is:
  26. Page 77:  Story of Joe Namath and HBOT:
  27.  Page 78:  Four part video of the history of HBOT application to patients with TBI:
  28. Page 78:  NYT article on concussion, HBOT, Harch TBI study, etc:
  29. Page 78:  Chad Rovira story.  See #9 above.
  30. Page 88:  Story of Randall McCloy, Jr.’s carbon monoxide poisoning in the Sago Mine accident and treatment with hyperbaric oxygen:
  31. Page 94:  Harch congressional testimonies and cases:
  32. Page 95:  Curt Allen, amazing TBI patient (see #10 above).
  33. Page 128:  The story of singer Charmaine Neville and treatment of her stroke syndrome, CADASIL Syndrome:
  34. Page 133:  SPECT scans and autism cases shown at congressional hearing:  see #8 Congressional Testimonies above. 
  35. Page 158:  The story of Kim Cherry, ALS patient:
  36.  Page 194:  Complex regional pain syndrome patient Vickie Harrison:  see #11 above.
  37. Page 286:  Medicare decision memo on approval of HBOT for diabetic foot wounds:

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