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HBOT2012 International Symposium video of Philip James, MD, Paul Harch, MD & key speakers

HBOT2012 International Symposium video of Philip James, MD, Paul Harch, MD & key speakers

Long Beach CA
August 2012


L.A. City Films Production

This video series Brain Storm: Oxygen Treatment, inspired by the book “The Oxygen Revolution” (authors Paul G. Harch MD & Virginia McCullough) and the new book “Oxygen and the Brain, The Journey of Our Lifetime” (author Philip James, MD) was filmed on location at the HBOT2012 International Symposium in Long Beach CA August 9-12 and is an L.A. City Films production.

In this first episode, Dr. Philip James talks about how a traumatic brain injury is like a brain storm.  Whereas low atmospheric pressure can bring on a powerful storm, the low blood flow resulting from brain injury causes neurological symptoms and cognitive impairment.

Dr. Paul Harch talks about his relationship with Dr. Keith Van Meter.  He explains the epiphany of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat divers with delayed cerebral decompression sickness or “bends of the brain.”  He urges Dr. Van Meter to join him in this discovery of new uses for hyperbaric oxygen treatment, however, Dr. Van Meter decided to pursue the emergency applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  He also cautioned that Dr. Harch would meet stiff resistance in the hyperbaric and neurological specialties.

George Visger, retired San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle and member of the 49ers Super Bowl XVI championship team, recounts his football career from high school to the pros and describes the innumerable concussions that led to nine emergency brain surgeries and chronic seizures.  George describes his return of cognitive function, 16.3% improvements in MicroCog memory tests, and return of quality of life after treatment with a combination of hyperbaric oxygen and nutrient dense supplements.

Dr. Philip James and George then discuss some of the obstacles to advancing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to standard of care for neurological conditions.  In the discussion George talks about his relationship with his surgeons, and his exquisite sensitivity to changes in his brain function  Dr. James characterizes him as the “expert patient.”

In episode two of “Brain Storm: Oxygen Treatment” we honor Dr. Paul Harch and learn of his 25 year struggle to inform the medical profession of the phenomenal “life and quality of life saving potential” of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Dr. Harch retells the powerful story of the patients who changed his life and possibly the course of medicine.  As a Clinical Professor he explains and re-casts hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a “treatment for wounds in the body in any location and of any duration.”  After viewing these videos you will ask, “What is it going to take to have hyperbaric oxygen treatment available and FDA-approved for neurological conditions?

 Thank you for viewing.  By  Edward Lucarini

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