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Award Winning U.S. Army veteran filmmaker Salcedo


Hyperbaric Miracles Oxygen Under Pressure

Telly Award winning film tells testimony of wounded Veterans who got their lives back.


Long Beach CA, May 2017:

 “There is a process and a treatment to help our soldiers, our Marines, and our Navy when they have PTSD, when they have TBI and it’s called Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.” – Walter B. Jones, U.S. Congress

Why is the best treatment for the signature wound of combat [Traumatic Brain Injury] a big secret?

U.S. Army veteran and award-winning student filmmaker John Salcedo has put together a short film that includes actual combat footage of Al-Qaeda and parallels the battle to get HBOT treatment approved and delivered to the many veterans that can benefit.  In two episodes we see the story of two soldiers of over 500 that were treated and got their lives back.

Salcedo introduces us to Louisiana doctor Paul Harch M.D. who has been treating head injuries and other neurological conditions for over 25 years. In his book “The Oxygen Revolution” third edition Dr. Harch explains the science behind this effective treatment in a life long effort to bring awareness to the benefits of HBOT and ask the FDA to reimburse and endorse it, yet the VA continues to subscribe black box medications that offer suicidal side effects.

Salcedo (The Reel Show International 2009 and the Los Angeles Cinema Film Festival of Hollywood 2012) has triumphed in another film featuring the life- and quality of life -saving benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for blast-induced traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in U.S. combat veterans.  Salcedo’s new film “Hyperbaric Miracles Part I and II” has been nominated for an award in the prestigious 20th Annual PRISM Awards, 9/30/2016 in Los Angeles.  In the film John features live combat footage, emotional interviews, and a blast pressure wave captured for one of the first times on film.  The blast pressure wave is the heretofore invisible component of an explosion that is responsible for the invisible “signature” brain wound of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Using poignant congressional testimony by General Conway, Commandant of the Marine Corps and Admiral Roughhead of the U.S. Navy, pointed questioning by Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina, treatment testimonials by Major (Retired) Ben Richards (multiple blast-injured Army commander) and blast-injured retired Marine Colonel/NCIS consultant Alan Burghard, and an interview with hyperbaric physician Paul G. Harch, M.D. , Salcedo documents the devastating effects of blast injury and the remarkable healing effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 


Salcedo’s film resonates with the core mission of the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) To Bring the Power and Influence of the Entertainment Industry
and News Media to Better Communicate about Health and SocialIssues.  TBI/persistent post-concussion syndrome and PTSD affect millions of U.S. civilians and military members and far greater numbers worldwide. Scientific studies have shown that the only cure for TBI or the combined diagnoses of TBI and PTSD is hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  In this film John features the curative effects of HBOT on these conditions and the impact it had on the life and quality of life of two Army and Marine veterans.   The film suggests the life-changing impact this therapy could provide for the many millions of people who still suffer from these conditions.

Combined with the efforts of Congressman Walter Jones (R, N.C.), Salcedo attempts to educate, inform, and engage the public about suicide prevention and non-pharmacologic treatment of TBI and PTSD with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



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